Differentiation of apartments depending upon size

Depending upon size we can differentiate the apartments into many types. The size of an apartment matters a lot before you go to purchase or find a rental apartment. You have to keep in mind the quantity of rooms that you need and the space that is required by you. There are small apartments as well as large apartments. So, you have to select the one that is best suitable and convenient for the family members. A big family consisting of five or more than five members can easily live in large apartment whereas a couple or single person can easily accommodate in small apartments that consist of a single or two rooms.

One bedroom apartment is mainly suitable for couples having no children or single person as there is not enough space for more than two members to live easily. This kind of apartment consists of a single bedroom along with a closet that has the door that can be closed to create separate room. A kitchen area is also present that helps to provide some extra space for tenants or owners. Bathrooms and living rooms are also available whereas an attached bathroom with the bedroom is also present in some of the apartments. So, couples can easily manage to live in these apartments.

Two bedroom apartments also resemble the one bedroom apartments. The structure of these kinds of apartments is similar to those of one bedroom apartment apart from the presence of two bedrooms along with the presence of living area and attached bathroom. A separate bathroom is also present whereas one window and attached door is also present between the bedrooms that helps the parents to manage their children in the other bedroom and can also take care of them whenever they want. This not only helps to create privacy but also aid the need of visiting the other room easily. This apartment also helps to give the unit of the bedroom at rent as there is window and door present there. So, the law also supports the sale or rental availability of such kind of bedroom units.

Three and four bedroom apartments are also of the same structure else than the increased number of bedrooms and bathrooms which helps the bigger family to live easily. However, these apartments owing to their bigger size are not available for rent. This kind of size is present in the luxurious apartments and because of their large size the rent of these apartments is also too high.

Alcove studio apartments are the smallest kind of apartments because of the least availability of space present in the apartment. An alcove is L shaped place present in the side of the main room. There is a bedroom of relatively smaller size, or sometimes a closet can also be present which helps the people to manage more luggage. However, the bedding of the tenants or owners are usually hidden from the rest of the main area with the help of something like curtains, cardboard or something else.